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Waste bunker door

The doors are a vital part of the bunker and have to resist the harsh treatment of refuse delivery. Depending on the conditions, they can be constructed as a swinging, or lifting type. Due to their solid construction, the doors are highly suitable for stacking up waste behind them. They are state-of-the-art and meet all the current safety criteria and standards
Swinging door
This door model is used in particular when there is a restricted height. The entire set-up includes an appropriate frame, the hydraulics and the electrical system. The swinging doors are welded steel profiles and have on both sides flat metal surfaces. The doors are each operated by a hydraulically powered ram, with a high torque.
Lifting door
This model is operated by a remote hydraulic cylinder which is located internally within the door. The main parts of the installation are the door itself, as well as the appropriate guide rail, and the roller bearing guides.
At the customers’ request extras can be supplied such as a special edge protector for the concrete opening, a high-speed rolling shutter door as a replacement for one of the conventional doors and opening devices in case of emergencies, etc.
The doors are controlled by a central hydraulic supply. A smooth operation is assured by the control selection, adjusted to the specific given factors, as well as being linked to the control systems for the vehicles and the operators. The control is centralised within the plant and coordinated with the existing controls to ensure a smooth delivery process.
Lifting door with attached high speed roll-up door