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After Jakob Stiefel GmbH was founded in 1973, they started with maintenances and reparations on incineration plants. In 1983, Jakob Stiefel Ltd. assumed the exclusive representation of the Martin Ltd. for the maintenance of all their incineration plants in Switzerland. Additionally to the service and repair work for Martin GmbH, Stiefel gradually became involved in the engineering aspects of incinerator plants, resulting in the building and assembling of complete combustion systems. Components of their own such as waste cutters, bunker doors, slag dischargers, deashing and transport systems for slag and dust were developed and built in-house.

In 1988, Jakob Stiefel GmbH implemented the water cooled system for waste incineration. At the beginning, this technics was only used in the waste feeding area. But in a second step, the complete grate was involved. In the 90ties, this technics was also implemented successfully in retrofits of a multiplicity of existing grate firing systems.
Based on the water cooled system, a complete new grate combustion technology was developed by Jakob Stiefel GmbH. The full acknowledgment and acceptance of the new technology succeeded with the grate commissioning at Niederurnen, Zirndorf, Luzern and Wijster.
Hence, Jakob Stiefel GmbH appeared more and more as supplier and contractor for a complete firing system as well as for further components such as boiler, e-filter or process control.
Developments in the field of biomass or combustions of sludge are essential for the company on behalf of current or prospective problems of our society. The global focusing and the representation in the new markets are responsible for a long-term steadiness of the incineration of household waste and biomass.
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