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Interior view of external Grate Drive
Internal Grate Drive

Grate Drive System

The single drive system is the most flexible of all grate drive systems. This flexibility is a key advantage, allowing for a perfectly controlled energy release and clean combustion of the various fuels. Due to the positions of the sensors, and the proportional valves, each grate step can be individually driven according to real-time requirements. Because of multiple drive units, the reliability is dramatically increased, due to the redundancy factor they provide within the system.
Internal Grate Drive
Due to the impressive simplicity of the mechanism, the internal drive system is the most direct and straightforward drive option. A replacement of the few lightweight components is easily possible during routine maintenance periods. A hydraulic cylinder installed on each side of the grate step, allow a linear movement of each step. Positioning and synchronisation is achieved by an integrated measuring and sensor system. None of the drive components penetrate the grate side walls; therefore the grate construction is totally enclosed.
External Grate Drive
Its main advantage is the possibility of immediately being able to replace a failing drive element whilst continuing normal operations. The externally applied force is transmitted through the grate side wall, to the grate step by a shaft. High quality materials are used to ensure the most effective compact drive unit. More available space outside the grate allows the implementation of various cylinder sizes. Therefore, more powerful drive cylinders can be installed instead of the standard ones a particular advantage for wide grates.