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Combustion control

The combustion control system is a central element of the modern waste incineration. Based on its long-term experience, the Stiefel Ltd. converted their know-how into the STIEFEL combustion control system.
Technical data
For an optimal guiding and controlling of the process, it is an obligated condition for an efficient actuator including a direct influence on the combustion, e.g.:
  • zonal air supply with single-blowers, equipped with FU’s and flowrate-gaging
  • feeder equipped with exact path measurement and regulated synchronic run
  • individual pace for every grate step
At the same time, modern measurement systems enable a detection of the respective operating condition:
  • evaluation of the combustion chamber using the pyrometer
  • evaluation of the fire length using the pyrometer
  • gaging of the primary air pressure in the first two zones for the control of the grate setting
Due to the basis including a simple and reliable technic, an optimisation of the controlling of the combustion is possible. For the operator, there are advantages as follows:
simply and clearly structured controllings
  • no “black box”, but ordinary on a Siemens-SPS realized software which guarantees an open standard (distributor, components, service etc.)
  • free-parametrical and thus optimally adaptable to the changes of the waste